A Winning Weight Loss Journey: Djuena Potter


PIKEVILLE — Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Weight Loss Surgery has changed the lives of countless patients.

Djuena Potter’s weight loss surgery journey began in the office of her family practice physician, Dr. Larry Coleman. She was in his office because her blood pressure was out of control. She was taking 12 different medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, arthritis and she was borderline diabetic.

Dr. Coleman recommended she see PMC Weight Loss Surgeon Amy Johnson, MD.

“I actually backed out three times,” Potter said. “I was scared. I have two young daughters and I was afraid something would happen to me and then who would raise my children?”

Potter attended the PMC educational classes but simply could not commit to having surgery.

Her follow-up visit with Dr. Coleman was quite different.

“I told him I just couldn’t do it,” she said. “His response was very direct. He said I missed his point. He told me if I didn’t do something I was not going to be here to raise my girls.”

With a new attitude, she began the process for her surgery.  Her directive was defined and her determination was solid. She was going to have surgery to get healthy. The idea of losing weight was her hidden bonus.

She said, “I always felt embarrassed by my weight. I had a hard time telling people I was going to have the surgery, it was very personal.”

“The six months prior to surgery is a time of preparation for the patients,” said Dr. Johnson. “It is not a quick fix but a tool to help them achieve their goals. They must be ready for the surgery. We provide a mental health way and medical way to prepare through education.”

After her gastric bypass surgery, getting in a regular routine was not difficult.

“I did exactly what Dr. Johnson told me,” said Potter. “Her way became my way to get healthy and it really wasn’t that hard.”

She says she continues to eat healthy and exercise. Her favorite activities include walking, hiking, swimming, bicycling, kayaking and riding the zip-line but most of all playing with her children and grandchildren.  In addition to living a more healthy life, Potter has lost 70 pounds.

The PMC weight loss surgery office is located in the Grace Call Building at 1098 South Mayo Trail, Suite 103. For additional information about beginning your weight loss journey call 606-218-6358.

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