A Winning Weight Loss Journey: Joseph Jacobs


PIKEVILLE – Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Weight Loss Surgery has changed the lives of countless patients.

Joseph Jacobs has always had a weight issue.  His weight gain began in the second grade and has been a battle he has been unable to win, until gastric bypass surgery at PMC.

Jacobs said, “I have always thought weight loss surgery could be an option for me but I just kept putting it off.”

His wife, MaShawna Jacobs, had gastric bypass surgery, prompting him to consider the life-changing procedure.

Jacobs’ health issues included high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and severe sleep apnea.  He took 11 different medications daily.  Weighing in at 325 lbs. he was a prime candidate for correcting his weight issue and his over-all health.

His journey has resulted in a total weight loss was 180 lbs. and a clean bill of health.

Jacobs said, “I no longer have to take medication for any of my former health issues. It’s fantastic.”

MaShawna said, “When we go shopping I lose him.  He just looks totally different, I have never known him like this before.”

Jacobs says he has always enjoyed hiking but it is totally different now.  Although he had the desire, his favorite activity was a great

challenge. Now he sprints to the top of the hill feeling much like he can fly, and loves every minute.

He is committed to Dr. Johnson’s plan to be active and exercise.

“It is absolutely essential for success after surgery,” Dr. Johnson said.  “I ask folks to exercise regularly to the point they are sweating and out of breath, otherwise it is activity, and exercise is not activity. Activity is walking around