Lisa Nicole Boyd: A bariatric success

Carol Casebolt

Lisa Nicole Boyd, of Harold, worked hard to try to lose weight and get healthy.


She tried multiple well-known diets, purchased gym memberships and joined highly recognized exercise groups. She would lose weight but she just could not keep the weight off.


Boyd said, “As soon as I quit the programs I would bounce back and gain twice as much weight as I originally lost.”


Health issues soon became a problem.


“I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and I was diabetic,” said Boyd.


Boyd chose to reclaim her life through bariatric surgery. Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Bariatric Surgeon Amy Johnson, M.D. performed bariatric sleeve on Boyd and after her 90-pound weight loss, her life took a much different direction.


Boyd says she can also tell a difference in the attitude of her two children.


“When I was heavier my kids were a little distant and even hesitant when they would identify me as their mom but now it is back to a very proud ‘Oh that is my Mom!” and it makes me feel really good,” she said.


Prior to her weight gain Boyd says she was very confident, but as she packed on the pounds she found herself losing self-esteem.


“It took me a while to even get up enough confidence to go to the gym. Even though I knew I was smaller, in my head I was still big and it was hard,” she said.


Today she is excited about her success story.


“I love Zumba but I could not do the classes before my surgery,” said Boyd. “I had plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel in both feet. They were actually going to do surgery on both my feet but after my weight loss surgery I no longer have those problems.”


Boyd says she could only walk less than a mile before she had to sit down and cry due to the pain in her feet.


“Now, I can walk up to eight miles non-stop and that is a huge difference,” she said. “I also get really excited because now I can bend down and tie my shoes.”


Life has changed for Boyd. She says she loves to dance, which is just one more addition to the many activities she enjoys after reclaiming her life.


“I know I am going to live longer,” said Boyd. “I had an enlarged heart and I know that with time it is going to go back down. My doctor said it has already made a dramatic change. I figured I would die of a heart attack, but I took control of my life and I am so glad I did.”


Boyd sat down with her husband before she had the surgery to discuss the pros and cons. She says they both realized that surgery would change both their lives.


“He supported me 100 percent,” said Boyd. “I remember him telling me he loved me and I was beautiful either way, big or small.”


She says he is excited to see the health benefits that have followed her commitment to better health through weight loss surgery.


Boyd says loves living in her new body and is thankful for her new lease on life. She says her new life is about change.


She exchanged her love for soda pop with an early morning cup of coffee. She starts the all-


important first meal-of-the-day with a protein shake and then heads out to the gym. Soon she is off to work packing a healthy snack and planning healthy normal meals for the remainder of the day.


Boyd reports, “Life is good again.”


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