Never alone

Daniel Fusco’s book “Honestly” reminded me that the whole is bigger and greater than the individual parts.


“A set of brakes is good, but brakes are even better when they’re part of a car. A (skilled) first baseman is good, but even better when he’s part of a baseball team. We are designed to be part of something greater, something bigger, and something more beautiful than any individual could ever be alone.”


That is true not only in the church but in life as well. Paul expresses it, “…for not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself” (Rom14:7).


The poet John Donne reinforces it, “No man is an island entire of itself… because I am involved in mankind.”


We are in life together and need the care and support of each other and give care and support to each other.






~ PMC Chaplain Sam Crawford may be reached at 606-218-3969.