New Arrivals - February 24, 2017

Mason Tank Zankovitch, son of Tonya Justice, born Feb. 15; weight: 6lbs., 13oz.


Eliyanah Grace Stevens, daughter of Sarandon and Michael Stevens, born Feb. 15; weight: 8lbs., 9oz.


Greyson Sawyer Swafford, son of Whitney and Greg Swafford, born Feb. 14; weight: 6lbs., 14oz.


Izabella Kyrie Hall, daughter of Leandra Hall, born Feb. 14; weight: 7lbs., 7.7oz.


Lucas Dean Freeman, son of Melissa and Andrew Freeman, born Feb. 13; weight: 3lbs.


Kashton Xavier Whitehead, son of Trista Robinson and Cory Whitehead, born Feb. 13; weight: 6lbs. 13oz.


Amara Lynn Haekney, daughter of Shannon Hampton and Harley Haekney, born Feb. 12; weight: 8lbs., 2oz.


Addilyn Brooke Ratliff, daughter of Toni and Timothy Ratliff, born Feb. 11; weight: 7lbs., 13oz.


Lawrence Robert Wallen, son of Tabitha and Eric Wallen, born Feb. 11; weight: 7lbs., 9oz.


Cayde Phillip Honaker, son of Britany and Matthew Honaker, born Feb. 10; weight: 7lbs., 9oz.


Jenna Brooke Fields, daughter of Latisha and Shannon Fields, born Feb. 10; weight: 8lbs., 10oz.


Maddilyn Trey Looney, daughter of Kasi and Dwight David Looney Jr., born Feb. 10; weight: 8lbs., 14oz.


Josiah Kaleb Wendell Davis, son of Amanda and Joshua Davis, born Feb. 9; weight: 8lbs., 3.2oz.


Jersee Alonna Chayse Newsome, daughter of Brittany Ray and Ronnie Newsome, born Feb. 9; weight: 6lbs., 12oz.


James Clayton Shaffer IV, son of Chelsea Ray and James Clayton Shaffer III, born Feb. 9; weight: 6lbs., 9oz.


Hadley Rose Gamble, daughter of Ashley and Johnathon Gamble, born Feb. 9; weight: 7lbs., 9oz.


Trevor Christian Coleman, son of Andrea and Christopher Coleman, born Feb. 9; weight: 6lbs., 15oz.