PMC celebrates National Nursing Assistants Week

Melinda Goodson

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide more than healthcare to patients, they provide compassion and support during a patient’s most vulnerable time. June 15-22, Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is celebrating its CNAs during National Nursing Assistants Week.


“Our CNAs at PMC are truly core members of our health care team,” said PMC Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Services Michelle Rainey. “CNAs are gentle, kind and, above all, compassionate.”


CNA responsibilities are an important part of the care patients receive during their hospital stay. According to Nurse Journal, the responsibilities of a CNA include helping patients with their basic living activities, listening to the health concerns of patients, measuring vital signs, housekeeping and tending to patient issues and problems.


“CNAs help patients of all ages by providing primary care as well as assisting them in daily activities,” Rainey said. “During times when a patient cannot care for themselves, they are there to assist in many ways.”


Rainey also added that PMC appreciates its CNAs for their commitment to the organization and their patients.


“We appreciate your hard work and dedication to our patients, families and the hospital,” commended Rainey. “Happy National Nursing Assistants Week to all of our CNAs.”