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May 29, 2015

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One-on-One: Ned PillersdorfOne-on-One: Ned Pillersdorf
By: Bobby Maggard III, Staff Writer
Published: 02/10/2007

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photo by Bobby Maggard III

Ned Pillersdorf has remained committed to the David School’s boys’ basketball team for several years as a coach and mentor

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. – This week the One-on- One Profile returns with Ned Pillersdorf, a person many have seen in the news of late, but most don’t know much more than the fact he’s the boys’ basketball coach at the David School in Floyd County, where he daylights as an attorney.

Well, starting at the place closest to his heart, well-respected Prestonsburg attorney Ned Pillersdorf is married to Floyd County native and Belfry High graduate Janet Stumbo, a judge on Kentucky’s Court of Appeals. Together, they have three girls – Sarah, a senior at Denison University in Ohio, Nancee, a junior at Hollins University in Virginia, and Samantha, a junior at the Piarist School in Floyd County.

B.M. III: What is the David School?

Pillersdorf: The David School, a tuition-free private school in Floyd County, has 32 students. I’ve been the coach of the boys there for five years, whose mascot is the Saint Bernard. We have eight players on a team without a home gym. We play most of our “home” games at Prestonsburg High’s gym. The boys play the team’s in the 58th District, but we are also in the Three River’s Conference, (a sub-conference with private school teams such as Riverside Christian and Oneida Baptist Institute that has its own conference tournament.)

B.M. III: Who is your favorite sports team?

Pillersdorf: The Vanderbilt Commodores. (I once took my whole David School team to a Vanderbilt game against Kentucky, but required them all to cheer for Vandy.) And I like the New Jersey Nets among the professionals.

B.M. III: Who is your favorite professional sports player?

Pillersdorf: I guess I have to say it’s a friend of mine and former college star basketball player when I was at Vanderbilt and the men’s coach there, Jan Van Breda Kolff. He was the star basketball player and I was a sports writer for the Vandy Hustler, the student newspaper.

B.M. III: What is your favorite personal sports moment?

Pillersdorf: When we beat the Prestonsburg freshman team. That was real exciting and I really enjoyed it much more for the kids, although that wasn’t an officially sanctioned varsity win.

B.M. III: With such few wins, how do you define success and keep your kids motivated?

Pillersdorf: Success is never quitting, and there are much more important things in life other than the final score on a scoreboard. There’s not a high school team in the state, or the nation for that matter, that tries harder and gives it more than our team. We’ve never had a player quit our team. My kids never give up and we always tell them, “To never give up and never quit.” Anyone who’ve seen our kids knows they have lots of heart and give it their all.

B.M. III: Who are the top boys’ players for the David School?

Pillersdorf: Nathan Robinson is a senior player who could start for any school around this region. He scored 29 points against Evarts and 17 against Pikeville. He’s kept the team together, is a leader, and a great person along with a talented basketball player. He’s great to have on your team. Then Kasey Ousley is a 6- foot-3 sophomore who is very talented. He once had 22 blocks in a game. He’s still young and growing, so he has some to learn, but he could play anywhere around here. I look forward to having Kasey in the future because he has the talent to be one of our best players here at the David School.

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