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May 22, 2015

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Floyd students earn awardsFloyd students earn awards
By: Medical Leader Staff-Press Release-Other
Published: 02/17/2012

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PRESTONSBURG — Floyd County Superintendent Henry Webb recently announced middle school and high school division winners of the Jenny Wiley Academic League.

Webb said, “The school district is committed to excellence and this encompasses our academic teams. As a result, the Jenny Wiley Academic League is becoming more competitive. The Board team and I congratulate the individual students who placed for the season and Allen Central Middle for placing first overall. We want to extend our appreciation to the students, parents and staff members for all you do in making this opportunity possible for our kids.”

Middle School

Final Standings:

1st Allen Central Middle

2nd Wesley Christian

Quick Recall:

1st Wesley Christian

2nd Allen Central Middle

Written Assessment:

1st Allen Central Middle

2nd Wesley Christian


#1 Cheyenne Combs Allen Central Middle

#1 Eric Clark Betsy Layne Elementary

#2 Zachary Hall South Floyd Middle

#3 David Stratton Wesley

#4 Cora Boyd Allen Elementary

#4 Bradley Davis Allen Elementary

#4 Morgan Wells Wesley

#5 Sierra Conn Allen Elementary

#5 Austin Yates Betsy Layne Elementary


#1 Byron Cox South Floyd Middle

#2 Jordan Pack Allen Central Middle

#3 Allison Hyden Allen Central Middle

#3 John Stratton Betsy Layne Elementary

#4 Dawson Lewis Allen Elementary

#5 Josh Griffith Betsy Layne Elementary

Language Arts

#1 Sarah Hackworth Adam Middle

#2 Rebecca Wilkes Wesley

#3 Zachary Hall South Floyd Middle

#3 Morgan Wells Wesley

#4 Hannah Halbert Allen Central Middle

#5 Serena Bartley South Floyd Middle

#5 Brianna Paige Hall Stumbo Elementary

Arts & Humanities

#1 Sarah Hackworth Adam Middle

#2 Alex Shepherd Allen Elementary

#3 Amanda McKinney Stumbo Elementary

#4 Deanna Kidd Stumbo Elementary

#5 Dawson Lewis Allen Elementary

Social Studies

#1 Sydney Hackworth Wesley

#2 Jordan Pack Allen Central Middle

#3 David Stratton Wesley

#4 Alex Shepherd Allen Elementary

#5 Dalton Price South Floyd Middle

English composition

#1 Sarah Hackworth Adam Middle

#2 Lakeisha Crum Allen Elementary

#2 Byron Cox South Floyd Middle

#3 Allison Hyden Allen Central Middle

#4 Rachel Hampton Allen Central Middle

#4 Nathan Brinager Betsy Layne Elementary

#5 Jordan Adkins Betsy Layne Elementary

Webb said, “I want to congratulate Betsy Layne High School’s team and all the students who have excelled on our academic teams this year. The Jenny Wiley Academic League is becoming more challenging as our students and coaches are raising expectations and advancing the level of competition. We look forward to the final quick recall tournaments at the end of this month and the Governor’s Cup Competition in early spring. Once again, we want to thank the students, staff and community members who make all this possible for our kids.”

High School

Final standings:

1st Betsy Layne High School

2nd Prestonsburg High School

3rd Allen Central High School

4th South Floyd High School

5th Wesley Christian


#1Tyler Price ACHS

#2 Chase Thacker BLHS

#3 Chase Baldridge PHS

#4 Ethan Layne ACHS

#5 Jeremy Varney SFHS


#1 Kyle Layne ACHS

#2 Tyler Price ACHS

#3 Latracia Burchett BLHS

#4 Ethan Layne ACHS

#5 Savannah Meade BLHS

#5 Bradley Prater BLHS

Language Arts

#1 Maggie Wilkes Wesley

#2 Laken Keathley PHS

#3 Thomas Case ACHS

#3 John Thompson PHS

#4 Kirklin Collins BLHS

#5 Alex Ben Tackett SFHS

Arts & Humanities

#1 Maggie Wilkes Wesley

#2 John Thompson PHS

#3 Alex Ben Tackett SFHS

#4 Keri Watkins ACHS

#5 Thomas Case ACHS

Social Studies

#1 Aaron Curnette PHS

#2 Kirklin Collins BLHS

#3 Austin Curnette PHS

#4 Nicholas Sparks PHS

#5 Tyler Harmon Wesley

English composition

#1 Chelsie Hoover SFHS

#2 Leanna Hall BLHS

#3 Megan Little ACHS

#4 Megan Akers BLHS

#5 Angel Thorsnberry PHS

#5 Charly Hyden SFHS

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