Teaching children fire safety

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE — Teaching children to understand what steps to take during a fire can be the difference between life and death.


Pike County Emergency Management (PCEM) and Pikeville Fire Department joined together to educate students on fire safety in honor of National Fire Prevention Month.


"Educating children on what to do in the case of an emergency is important to the safety of children and could save their life," Pikeville Fire Department Assistant Chief Robert Lindsey said. "We are fortunate to have this simulation trailer to be able to provide students with training and hands on education."


Lindsey said everything in the trailer is simulated. He said it provides fake smoke, digital fire and dual briefing rooms providing a real-life experience to those in the trailer.


Officials will take groups of students inside the trailer.


The first scenario is in a kitchen. The simulators show students how to react to a fire in the kitchen using a fire extinguisher.


The simulators demonstrate a trash can fire, oven and stove fires and teach students how to react in real-life situations.


The second scenario teaches children what to do if they are in their bedroom during a home fire.


The scenario demonstrates how hot a door may become and how to prevent smoke from coming in.


The students are shown how to properly prevent smoke from entering while trying to exit their room from a bedroom window.


"The training is crucial for kids so they are aware of what to do if they are ever in a situation when a fire starts," Lindsey said.


He said they teach fire safety to about 4,000 kids each year.


PCEM is working with all area schools and fire departments to allow all children to receive the life-saving training.


They will visit Kimper Elementary, Bevins Elementary, Millard Elementary, Pikeville Elementary and Phelps Elementary throughout the month of Oct.


To learn more about fire safety, call 606-794-1499.